Residential Services

Mr. PowerWash

Keep your residential property in top condition by having it power washed occasionally or on a scheduled basis. We clean almost anything such as pathways, driveways, rocks and stone masonry, but here are a few popular categories:

  •  Exterior house wash is accomplished through the use of biodegradable chemicals and low pressure.
  • Driveways, sidewalks and patio's are also cleaned using biodegradable chemicals, hot water and high pressure.
  • Gutter cleaning with biodegradable cleaners and low to mid pressure.
  • Wood cleaning and staining (optional) includes: fences, arbors, pergolas, and decks - accomplished with various biodegradable chemicals and always with low pressure and No Hot Water! Hot water damages wood!
  • Staining is optional, and highly recommended. If wood is not stained/sealed after being cleaned it will again, become gray and weathered. The staining/sealing process helps protect wood from the natural elements and provides a beautiful color to enjoy.

Call us at 210-887-2003 for your residential pressure washing needs.