Knowledge is POWER

  • A reputable company almost never gives you a quote over the phone. There are too many variables in pressure washing and no one job is going to be the same as another. With this in mind it is the company and property owners best interest to get an on site estimate.
  • Be sure the company or person that is going to work on your property is insured. If damage is done to your property and the individual is not insured then you, the property owner will bare the cost. Also, if the individual(s) working on your property are injured - you the property owner will also bare the cost.
  • Even though this field is called pressure washing or power washing, that does not necessarily mean that this type of pressure should be used at all times. For instance, if you are getting your deck cleaned, you by NO means want somebody using full throttle pressure on your wood - it will damage it. Also, if you are having your house washed, by no means do you want them to use high pressure.
  • If you are quoted a low price, this does not necessarily mean that your expectations are going to be met. When someone quotes you a low price, they are more than likely going to take some short cuts in order to still make a profit. No one wants to work for free; so, with low pricing you are more than likely going to get short changed in job performance.